Instagram Channel: Do We Use Its Full Potential?

Oleksii O. Tymofieieva, ... Ievgen I. Fesenkoc more
a Oleksii O. Tymofieiev

Editor in Chief,, Kyiv, Ukraine.

b Natalia O. Ushko

Editorial Board Member,, Kyiv, Ukraine.

c Ievgen I. Fesenko

Managing Editor,, Kyiv, Ukraine.

August 31, 2020

J Diagn Treat Oral Maxillofac Pathol 2020;4:150.

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Tymofieiev OO, Ushko NO, Fesenko II. Instagram channel: do we use its full potential? J Diagn Treat Oral Maxillofac Pathol 2020;4(8):150.


If you`ve got an idea, start today.

–Kevin Systrom

Co-founder of the Instagram


Growth of the journal is undoubtedly based not only on hard scholar work of the editorial team but also on realization of ideas in social media (SM) and moving forward journal`s own SM account (the term ‘SM account’ can be equated to team ‘channel’ as everyone can use its 24/7 uploading images/videos). Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS) shows us how the journal`s development can be additionally accelerated using Instagram: 2019 Impact Factor (IF) of the journal became all-time high, reaching 4.209.1


Analysis of Instagram accounts of other publications show us next. As of August 25, the PRS account (@prsjournal) has 20,5 k followers; PRS Global Open (@prsglobalopen), the 8-year-old sister journal of PRS with no IF yet, has 6 048 followers, the account (@nejm) of New England Journal of Medicine (IF is 74.699) has 404 k followers; the Obstetrics & Gynecology (IF is 5.524) has 2 735 followers in its account (@greenjrnl); the Orthopedics (IF is 1.409) has 2 466 followers in its @ortho_journal account, and our 4-year-old journal has 1 631 followers in the account @dt_journal (Fig 1).


The publication experience of the editorial board (EB) shows that Instagram really works.2,3 It works in attracting authors/editors, widening audience of readers, more rapid formation of new journal`s brand, etc.


So, the main question every EB should ask them is “How do we use the potential of the Instagram channel?” After all, the channel in a fastest growing SM with 1 billion global users. Whether we use the potential to the maximum, or just a little, or do not pay attention at all?


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