Journal of Diagnostics and Treatment of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

Editors: Oleksii O. Tymofieiev and Rui P. Fernandes

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Editors' choice Latest issue
CASE REPORTClinical and Intraoperative Features of Dirofilariasis of the Temporal Region: Case Report
Vasyl A. Rybak, ... Valentyna I. Zaritska
EDITORIALImpact of Surgeon’s Instagram Television (IGTV): A Case of Chimeric Fibula and Soleus Muscle Transplant in a Reconstruction of Cordeiro Type IIIA Total Maxillectomy Defect
Olindo Massarelli, ... Ievgen I. Fesenko
ORIGINAL ARTICLEComprehensive Reconstruction of Mandibular Defects with Free Fibula Flaps and Endosseous Implants
Anastasiya Quimby, ... Rui P. Fernandes
EDITORIALThe “Next Generation” of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and the “Next Generation” of Clinical Researchers
Evangelos G. Kilipiris
IMAGES IN ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERYParotid Gland Lipoma in a 52-Year-Old Patient
Olena O. Ivanchenko, Valentyn H. Demidov
CASE REPORT + VIDEOState of the Art Simultaneous Bilateral Segmental Mandibular Reconstruction using a Single Fibula Transplant: Discussion of the Surgical Steps
Dennis H. Kraus, Todd C. Hanna
CASE REPORT + VIDEOEffectiveness of Ultrasound in Verification of the Mucus Plugs and Sialoliths of the Wharton’s Duct
Olha S. Cherniak, Ievgen I. Fesenko
CASE REPORTTMJ’s Posterolateral Dislocation with Tympanic Plate Fracture–Case Report
Alípio Miguel da Rocha Neto, ... Belmiro Cavalcante do Egito Vasconcelos
BOOK SCANLocal and Regional Flaps in Head and Neck Reconstruction: A Practical Approach by Rui P. Fernandes Ames, Iowa, USA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2015
Oleh V. Kravets, Olha V. Burtyn
CASE REPORTTrabecular Juvenile Ossifying Fibroma Management by Virtual Surgical Planning, Piezoelectric Surgery, and Simultaneous Patient Specific Implant (PSI) Reconstruction
Henry Aldana, ... Camilo Mosquera
CASE REPORTCase Report: Primary Mucosal Melanoma. An Extremely Rare Case in the Private Dental Practice
Roman V. Feloniuk
ORIGINAL ARTICLESurgical Correction of Craniosynostosis. A Single Institution’s Outcome Analysis of 70 Patients
Evangelos G. Kilipiris, ... Peter Stanko
CASE REPORT + VIDEOAnalysis of a First Unilateral and Then Bilateral Internal Jugular Vein Thrombosis in a Heroin User
Dmytro S. Borodavko, ... Ievgen I. Fesenko
PAPER SCANReview of "Cartilage Framework Reconstruction After Resection of Thyroid Cartilage Chondrosarcoma: A Case Report" by Navach V, Chu F, Cattaneo A, Zorzi S, Scelsi D, Ansarin M in Otolaryngology Case Reports 2017; 4:12–4
Todd C. Hanna
EDITORIAL + VIDEOClash of Videos in the Cutting-Edge Medical Publications
Oleksii O. Tymofieiev
ORIGINAL ARTICLEPrevalence of Aphthous Ulcer in Students of Ras Al Khaimah College of Dental Sciences
Hala Zakaria, Mahra Al Awadhi
CASE REPORTParagonimiasis with Oral Cavity Colonization: First Case Report
Camilo Mosquera, ... Julie Franco
REVIEW ARTICLEComparison of Article Processing Fees on Open Access Journals with a 4.5-Year History of Publishing
Daniel Robles Cantero, ... Ievgen I. Fesenko
CASE REPORTForeign Body Retrograde Migration to the Intraglandular Duct of the Submandibular Gland with a Developing of Foreign Body-Induced Sialolithiasis: Analysis of Ultrasonography, Surgery, and Literature Published during Last 124 Years
Lilia A. Savchuk, Oleksandr A. Nozhenko
Valentyn H. Demidov, Vasyl A. Rybak
IMAGES IN ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERYLarge Mucocele in the Labial and Buccal Mucosa
Beka Beridze, Olha S. Cherniak