Multilocular Simple Bone Cyst of the Mandible: Part 2: Histopathologic Appearance and Brief Review of the Literature

Oleksandr A. Nozhenkoa, ... Valentyna I. Zaritskac more
a Oleksandr A. Nozhenko

Physician-Surgeon-Dentist, Center of Maxillofacial Surgery, Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital, Kyiv, Ukraine. Corresponding author’s address: Center of Maxillofacial Surgery, Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital, 1 Bahhovutivska Street, Kyiv 04107, Ukraine. E-mail: (Oleksandr Nozhenko) Facebook: Oleksandr Nozhenko

b Pavlo P. Snisarevskyi

Head, Department of Pathomorphology, Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital, Kyiv, Ukraine.

c Valentyna I. Zaritska

PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, Shupyk National University of Healthcare of Ukraine.

March 31, 2021

J Diagn Treat Oral Maxillofac Pathol 2021;5:36–42.

Under a Creative Commons license


Nozhenko OA, Snisarevskyi PP, Zaritska VI. Multilocular simple bone cyst of the mandible: part 2: histopathologic appearance and brief review of the literature. J Diagn Treat Oral Maxillofac Pathol 2021;5(3):36–42.


The purpose of this report is to highlight the histopathologic appearance of the mandibular simple bone cyst (SBC) – a pathologic condition which continues to stay an enigma for a lot of colleagues. Cone-beam computed tomography of a two-chamber SBC (ie, multilocular type) of the mandibular body in a 41-year-old white female is analyzed. Brief literature review is also performed giving the possibility to understand all intraoperative appearances of the SBCs and contemporary techniques of its management.