Gratitude to Caring Editors, Societies, and Peer-Reviewed Journals: Condemnation of Unprovoked War and Terrorism

Oleksii O. Tymofieieva, Ievgen I. Fesenkob more
a Oleksii O. Tymofieiev

Chief Editor, Kyiv, Ukraine

b Ievgen I. Fesenko

Managing Editor, Kyiv, Ukraine. Corresponding author’s address: Editorial office, Journal of Diagnostics and Treatment of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, 13-A Simferopolska Street, Kyiv 02096, Ukraine. E-mail: (Ievgen Fesenko)

September 29, 2022

J Diagn Treat Oral Maxillofac Pathol 2022;6: 121–4.

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Tymofieiev OO, Fesenko II. Gratitude to caring editors, societies, and peer-reviewed journals: condemnation of unprovoked war and terrorism. J Diagn Treat Oral Maxillofac Pathol 2022;6(9):121–4.


The American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons strongly condemns the senseless, violent actions occurring in Ukraine by Russia. We are appalled and deeply saddened by the widespread destruction, devastating injuries and loss of life among the citizens of Ukraine. We join the entire world and our fellow surgeons in Ukraine in demanding and immediate end of this war, ending the human suffering there, with a return to a peaceful, free, and healthy country.1


Face journal


As of the 210th day of the large-scale war by the terrorist state Russia against the peaceful European state of Ukraine, we should mark how grateful we are for the international support expressed and provided by surgical/medical communities, editors, and peer-reviewed journals.1–10 We are extremely grateful to editors and editorial board communities of such journals as (1) Acta Stomatologica Croatica, (2) Face,2 (3) Craniomaxillofacial Trauma & Reconstruction,3 (4) the Lancet,4 (5) Anaesthesia, Critical Care & Pain Medicine,5 (6) The New England Journal of Medicine,6 (7) Science,7 and many others8–14. Their editorials are full of support to Ukraine. And such support also helps the Journal of Diagnostics and Treatment of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology adapt to the challenges of the war and to fulfill our editorial duties with redoubled energy among which is to publish articles devoted to wartime and injuries.15–17


I am following the situation in Ukraine and I am very sad about the war imposed on you by President Putin and the Russian army! Take care and report from time to time.
Best regards from Hrvoje and Acta Stomatologica Croatica!

―Hrvoje Brkić

Editor-in-Chief, Acta Stomatologica Croatica

Personal e-mail communication as of March 4, 2022


Since the editor's work requires constant review and analysis not only of peer-reviewed journals in the profile of oral and maxillofacial surgery, but also of other specialties. Such a journal that attracted our attention during the wartime is The Icelandic Medical Journal.18 It is an open access peer-reviewed journal of the Icelandic Medical Association and the Medical Society of Reykjavik which is published since 1915 making it one of the most respectful publications around the globe. Their article―published in Icelandic―points to the challenges for all of humanity that a war from a terrorist country brings.18 Nuclear forces in the hands of terrorists19 reminded us relentlessly the danger18 that a terroristic country can bring to the human civilization.


The Figures 1, 2, and 3 clearly demonstrate the international journals` contribution to the peace on European continent.

It is worth adding that this article does not mention other articles in international peer-reviewed journals that condemn the invasion of Russian terrorist troops, because the number of such articles is really significant and constantly growing. But they can be found on such respected scholar platforms as ScienceDirect® ( and National Library of Medicine (PubMed®: using the keywords war and Ukraine in the search bar. Our editorial family sincerely believes that such international support will give additional strength to the Ukrainian people and allow them to defeat and bring Russian terrorists to international responsibility as quickly as possible.


Russia has already become the largest source of terrorism in the world, no other terrorist power leaves behind so many deaths. This must be recognized legally. We must act. Russia should be recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism. Otherwise, her terror will not be stopped.22

―Volodymyr Zelenskyy

President of Ukraine upon the full-scale war


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